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CEO and Children

By working from home as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) while your children are around, it is best to deliberately let them know that you do more than talking on phone or work at the computer through the way you set strategic goals, lead a meeting or run business operations from home. You can also exhibit to them what it means to set targets, set boundaries, handle difficult situations and communicate effectively.

Forming a good work ethics at childhood has been proven to produce success as an adult. Do not wait till the future to start teaching your children how to build strong work ethics; there are plenty of skills and attributes you can cultivate today which can contribute to their future success.

Some of the attributes you can impart on your children as CEO or Entrepreneur of a company are:

  1. Entrepreneurial Spirit: There is no better person to teach kids or children about entrepreneurship than an entrepreneurial or CEO parent. As often as possible, the children should be nurtured to thirst for knowledge by finding activities that offer a sense of discovery, either in a structured or unstructured environment. The children should be allowed to delve into subjects or topics that can encourage their curiosity. As CEO or entrepreneur, the children should be allowed to attend entrepreneurial events (when on holidays), attend mentorship and internship programs or introduced to people or business development experts that can create business out of their passion.   

2. Encourage Team Spirit: Let your children know that you work in a team and as a team player the corporate goal comes before emotions or sentiments in a corporate setting. Children should be made to realize that when you work as a team you achieve more.

3. Decision Making Abilities: Children should learn how to make good decisions as early in life as possible because children become overwhelmed by too many choices. As a CEO working from home whilst the children are around, encourage them to narrow down the options to two or three, thereafter a final decision can be made. Teach your children to weigh the pros and cons of each option in order to make the most informed decision possible. This will help them to make correct decisions in everyday life.

4. Delegation: Let the kids know that as CEO, your office requires you to delegate roles to members of your team as you cannot perform all the roles in the company. To effectively delegate roles or functions, the right person must be assigned to task that he or she can best perform. The children must be made aware that there are consequences or reward for staff base on their performances on their job.

5. Teach Project Planning Skills: Let your children know that every project or task have lifecycle, timeline and personnel to executive the project. Talk about the need for brainstorming section, documentation, project supervision and meeting deadlines.