We have successfully completed a research work and have been able to create a comprehensive database of the leading companies and leading corporate decision makers / management staff in Nigeria.  

The research focuses on the high networth, upper class and upper middle class individuals in the corporate world; we refer to the chief executive officers, chief operating officers, chief finance officers, chief compliance officer, executive directors, non-executive directors, executive chairmen, co-founders, partners, managing partners, company secretaries, general managers, senior managers, managers, consultants, human resources managers, departmental heads and other strategic head of units. These are financially buoyant individuals that earn over Five Hundred and Fifty Billion Naira (N550,000,000,000) as personal income annually with a total net worth of over One Hundred and Forty Five Billion Dollars ($145billion).

In line with the pareto principle of 80:20, we identified the 20% or leading companies in Nigeria that provides or contributes 80% of the income in the Nigeria economy. These companies cut across various sectors such as: the multinationals, conglomerates, oil & gas, property & real estate, manufacturing, engineering, educational, insurance, investment banking, private equity, FCMG, agricultural, telecommunications, consulting, human resources, advertising, information technology, finance houses, banking, solid minerals, maritime, haulage, transportation, among other sectors.

The key indices captured in the project were: name of company, contact address, phone numbers, email address, website address, industry/sector, name of key contact-person, portfolio of key contact-person and other relevant corporate information about key-contact person.

It should be noted that companies mentioned in our research work are the leaders in their industries and the individuals identified are the top executives and key decision makers in their respective companies.

Please Note:

1. The content highlighted the comprehensive corporate contact details of over 6,000 leading companies in Nigeria and over 12,000 upper middle class, upper class and high networth individuals in Nigeria.

2. This intellectual property is only available in soft copy (not print), highly protected and only in our possession.

We researched, sourced, collated, edited and produced the content; that is why it is our original work and our intellectual property. 

3. Once more, it is a research work that spans over thirty (30) months to complete.   Therefore, we do not intend to make it available on the sales-shelf but to approach or be approached by corporate clients that knows the worth of the work and can afford to pay the price tag on the intellectual property content. 

Interested company representative can contact:

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