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1.     King Henry VII of England officially declared February 14 the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day, in the year 1537.

2.    Richard Barrow Cadbury (son of John Cadbury, founder of CADBURY) produced the first box of

chocolates for Valentine’s Day in the late 1800s.

3.    Over 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards (electronic and print) are exchanged each year. This makes it the second largest seasonal card sending time of the year.

4.    In Victorian times (when Queen Victoria ruled) it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card.

5.    In Finland, Valentine’s Day is called Ystävänpäivä, which translates into “Friend’s day”. To them, Valentine ’s Day is more about remembering your friends than your loved ones.

6.    Twenty-Seven percent of people who buy flowers for Valentine’s Day are women, while Seventy-Three  percent are men.

7.    Over $1 billion worth of chocolate is purchased for Valentine’s Day celebration in the United State of America.

8.    The red roses are considered the flower of love during Valentine because the color red stands for strong romantic feelings.


9.    Penicillin, a popular treatment for venereal diseases / bacteria, was introduced to the world on February 14, 1929.

10.    The Catholic Church struck St. Valentine’s Day from its official church calendar in 1969.