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Creating a platform for people and companies to connect in the corporate world is as essential as the stakeholders in the business environment due to the numerous impacts that such platforms offers. Notwithstanding the usefulness, most enterprises are yet to explore the opportunities due to lack of orientations, weak strategies and undefined vision.
With the increasing awareness about the positive impact of technology and the need for people to drive technology, the print business directory is being complimented by the electronic business directory for optimal results.
As pacesetter and trailblazer in the Business Directory sector of the Nigeria economy, we have successfully published four editions of Crested Business Directory, they are:


– Crested Business Directory ———- Amuwo-Odofin / Festac Region
– Crested Business Directory ———- Ikeja Region
– Crested Business Directory ———- Surulere Region
– Crested Business Directory ———- Island Region
With these on the shelves, we are not relenting in creating more value-added directories for people and business entities; as our directories are specifically published to fill gaps and provide solutions. The solution mindset gave birth to the current publication: ‘’A Compendium of Over 5,000 Top Companies To Do Businesses With In Nigeria’’.
This edition like other previous ones is not intended to classify any company as superior to the other, neither was it designed for any company to have an edge over others in an industry or in the economy. It is an independent research work undertaken by our firm to help entities network or connect with one another.

It should be noted that this edition will be in series, as several other series on this title will come on board in sequence. The criteria for listing the selected companies are the workings of our firm and in line with global best standards.
As an advocate of corporate social responsibilities and a champion of business networking without boundaries, we need to emphasise that all data, information and details stated in this directory were sourced, processed, collated and published free of charge; without any financial benefits from any individual or company before publication.
For further clarification purpose, some of the factors considered before listing most of the companies in this directory are listed below:
– Companies operate as a formal business entities
– Companies are registered with relevant authorities, especially C.A.C.
– Companies indulged in a defined business or enterprise
– Companies have potentials to do business with other companies
– Companies have internet presence
– Companies are selected from various micro / macro business hub in the city
– Companies have potentials to attract foreign investors, customers and collaborators
– Companies have potentials to survive in a dynamic environment.


To purchase a copy of the Crested Business Directory, kindly call – Dele on 08188531733 or send an email request to dele@delesdiary.com.