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Over 5,000 companies in ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lagos Island, Ajah and Lekki listed in Crested Business Directory.

Accessing companies and relevant corporate information within Ikoyi, Victoria-Island, Lagos-Island, Ajah and Lekki is made easy through the publication of Crested Business Directory. The Directory is a compilation of names of major companies in the Island Axis of Lagos State; with contact addresses, phone numbers, email/website addresses and nature of business.

Such platform was created to connect people and businesses of various profession together with the aims of enhancing performances, providing cutting edge advantages and making more income.

Over a hundred professions was identified and categorised. Some of the professions categorised in the directory are: Telecoms, Oil & Gas, Consultancies, Legal, Construction, Architecture, Interior Designs, Education/Schools, Security, Medical, Fashion, Lifestyle, Media, Arts, Publishing, Accounting, Banking, Investment, Insurance, Religious, Catering, Entertainment, Engineering, Pharmacy, Event Management, Travel/Tourism, NGO, Etc.

In the Directory, we have:

Over  400  Oil & Gas Companies

Over  2,000  Importers

Over  500  Multinationals/Conglomerates

Over  200 Property Consultants

Over  500  I.T. Professionals

Over  250   Supermarkets/Eateries

Over  500 Management/Finance/HR Consultants

Over 300  Banks/Finance Houses

Over  200  Schools

Over  150  Hotels

Over  250  Interior Designers

Over 200 Hospitals/Medical Care

Over 100   Security Consultants

Over  200  Media Practitioners

Over 250  Law firms

Among others.

For further enquiries about the Directory or request to buy a copy of the Directory, kindly send a mail to: dele@delesdiary.com or call Dele :- 08188531733.