Crested Business Directory is a publication of Crested Trailblazers.

It is a well researched compilation of businesses within a particular locality or neighbourhood; with the aim of assisting business enterprises to enhance performances. It is also a platform that connect small, medium and large business organisations together without boundaries.

The most recent publication is the Crested Business Directory (Ikeja Region). In it, contacts of businesses in the City of Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria were put together so as to make assessing customers easier. Over ninety various kinds of business were categorised; such as supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, schools, accounting firms, consulting services, catering, drycleaning, banks, telecoms firms, media agencies, oil & gas firms, law firms, boutiques, hotels, government agencies, manufacturers, importers, event planners, auto dealers, among others.

The Crested Business Directory (Ikeja Region) is being managed and marketed by Crested Consulting Ltd. The company can be contacted on:




It is a must get business tool for any individual or company that want to grow her customer base or increase income.