In a world of over six billion people, it is a known fact that the percentage of the wealthy to others (middle class and poor) is in single digit. A lot of factors have been deduced as responsible for the parity between the rich and the poor, but with these known factors, the gap is still increasing on a daily basis. In an effort to close the gap, it was discovered that the wealthy people in the society have some secrets and to make things more difficult, these secrets are hidden.
Some schools of thought believes that you must be born with a silver spoon before you can make it in life, especially in Nigeria, but contrary to this, a lot of people that are wealthy today were born into humble families, they rose to wealth through the secrets. In the same vein, non–provision of basic infrastructures like good roads, pipe borne water, security and electricity should not be given as reasons for not being wealthy, because a lot of indigent people had become wealthy even in the absence of these infrastructures. In the midst of the socio–economic and political challenges that confront Nigeria at any point in time, wealth are still being created by people in the country even without government contracts or appointments.
The fundamental hidden secrets of the wealthy people in any society are:

A major secret of the few wealthy in our society today is the fact that they have a belief system that they rely on. The believe is first anchored on the identification that there exist a SUPERNATURAL BEING that is beyond and above man; most people refer to that supernatural as GOD.
According to the Christian scripture, it states that ‘It is God that gives power to make wealth.’ What this implies is that, you can have all the strength, intellect and oratory prowess in the world but still remain poor. So, to be wealthy in life, you just have to be connected to God.
The secret act that the wealthy people do is by connecting to God, through obeying and practising most of the generally known Godly principles like:
A. Do unto others as you want people to do unto you.
B. Whatever you sow, you reap.
C. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he, amongst others.
The other belief that is related to the above is that, the wealthy have a conviction within them before they became rich or wealthy that they would be – WEALTHY. Such people do not think of being a pauper or becoming poor. They believe, think and make decisions like those that are rich before them. Wealthy people believe they are wealthy and always have wealth mentality. This belief help pattern their attitude, and such attitude is always a positive attitude.

Wealth creation is a thing of the mind; prompted by the will to succeed. The road to wealth is not often easy; it requires setting goals, proper planning and well articulated determination to actualise such goals through a determined mind that can surmount mountains and cross hurdles.
A determination to succeed, be rich or wealthy, requires a lot of hard work, smart work and intelligence work; the work that has to do with body, soul and spirit. You open up opportunities, tap on it and move on. Identify strength, build on it and achieve with it. Discover weaknesses, mitigate it and be a better person. See threat, confront it and conquer it.
With a determined mind, a man can cross from poverty to wealth within the blink of the eyes because such person would be driven by the passion to succeed.

It is generally known that information leads to transformation. An informed mind has the key to unlock closed doors by using such information to get expected result. Through information, one acquires knowledge needed to solve problems for people and institutions.
The rich and wealthy in the society of today knows that getting information and knowledge can be synonymous to acquiring power to rule the world. Access to the right information makes decision making easy, which automatically lead to the right result. Having knowledge of the end result also boost confidence and performance. Therefore, wealthy people most often invest their money and time on acquiring the right information for the perfect knowledge needed to achieve their set objectives.
It should also be noted that information needed for breakthroughs are not easily accessible; they are in secret places, and that is why the wealthy people seek for it and find it. It takes courage, persistence and wisdom to access the right information; only those who know the requirement to access the information get successful easily.

Since the creation of man, through to the industrial age and the present jet or information age, there is no employee that have become wealthy through his or her monthly salaries/wages and/or allowances. Such monthly personal income are equivalent to monthly personal expenses, at best you have few savings in a bank or mutual fund.
The real wealth is not from a constant–fixed income but from increasingly–dimensional revenue. Such can only be accessed by business owners or employers. As an employer of labour and the owner of company (ies), you have access to multiple streams of income from your company or business through: director’s emolument, dividends, income from sales of assets, income from income ploughed into other business, amongst others. As an employer, you have reduced personal expenses because the company takes care of most of your expenses.
So, the wealthy people prefer people working for them so that they can enjoy the above benefit; than being employees in a firm.
Employers are people that have special interest in impacting lives by ensuring that unemployment is curbed in the society, bread winners are raised and best brains are fully utilised.

The wealthy people are usually known to be creative and calculative–risk takers. Worldwide, it is only those that have ideas to solve problems that are often successful. Such people create solutions to problems through the ideas they possess. These created solutions are then converted to products or services, which result into income, and more income. In the course of providing the creative ideas to solve problems, challenges and risk emanates, but the ability to exhibit courage that could surmount the risk and challenges often results into wealth creation.
The possession of creativity and courage as an individual, and the appropriate use of them, are some of the hidden secrets that make people wealthy.

Relationship building is an important gesture undertaken by everybody; but not everyone has value – added relationship. Therefore, there is need to have an understanding that, it profit most to be in the counsel of the wise than the foolish.
To be wealthy, you need a mindset that aligns with wealthy people so that there would be easy flow of knowledge, ideas, connection, support and pleasantries from both sides. Wealthy people are usually uncommon, so building a link or network with them makes you uncommon and you achieve uncommon results like them.
It should be noted that when you connect with the right set of people in the society, (usually the wealthy), you have easy access to virtually everything in life, even access to the authorities in the land. With wealth mentality, your relationship with other wealthy people is often smooth and cordial.

Giving in form of a charity is a sign of acknowledging the essence of nature. Men are equally born, but not all men that are given birth to are equal. Therefore, the ability to identify the needy in the society and provide for them attracts further increase to what you gave out because giving is like a planted seed that transforms into a tree that brings forth fruits and seeds in the near future.
Cheerful giving attracts multiple increase in ones source of income because the beneficiaries of your giving thus directly or indirectly give back what you sow into their lives through prayers, positive wishes and impactful pronouncements that they access easily and possess, more than you.
Search through the world, there are no known wealthy person on earth that does not cheerfully give to the less privileged.