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A thousand and one reasons could be deduced as reasons for the high level of unemployment in the society; ranging from self–made to government inefficiencies. But in the midst of plenty, an average Nigerian should not be begging or be idle, because the resource needed to be great are in all of us. A lot of hardworking and successful physically challenged entrepreneurs in the society have proven that greatness in life is not a function of your physique or strength, but a function of your ability to think outside the box; through the identification and application of available resources at your disposal.

Breaking the jinx of unemployment in our society is a personal battle that must be fought and conquered by every individual that is unemployed. The battle would be defeated by saying to oneself that “I am born to succeed and prosper in life.” – a self confession.
With such confession, the unemployed would not see challenges around anymore but opportunities. Also, when the confession is made, you will be able to see that people around you and in your society have unlimited needs/wants that they require people to provide for them; as they have the means to get the needs but cannot provide it for themselves. In a nutshell, it means a lot of people in the society need other people to provide foods, clothing, make –hair, dry-clean clothes, sell recharge cards, provide kitchen soap, tutor their children, bake cakes, among other things, for them.

To be able to indulge in the provision of these services from home and with the sum of Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000), there are some fundamental requirements needed.

They are:
 Identification of a need by somebody or group of people.
 Proffer solution to the need(s).
 Develop passion in the solution you are proffering.
 Train yourself or attend short–term training.
 Read books on your area of interest.
 Ask questions from professionals or mentors.

As earlier stated, no Nigerian that is above twenty–one years old of age have an excuse of not sustaining himself or herself, and possibly providing for family members. Though the common excuse is that “where do I get the start-up of N20, 000 from?” To answer this question, you can get the start – up capital from:

With a start – up capital of Twenty Thousand Naira (N20, 000), you can start a small scale business that can earn you between N500 to N10,000 as daily income; then you can grow the business from there by ploughing back part of the earned income.

Though, the list is exhaustive, the following under listed businesses are few of the businesses that any aspiring entrepreneur can start from the comfort of his/her home, here in Nigeria.

55 Businesses you can start with little capital N20, 000
 Car Wash Centre.
 Dry Cleaning/Laundry.
 General Cleaning – Homes and Offices.
 General Cleaning – Fumigation.
 Soap Production.
 Barbing Salon.
 Tailoring / Fashion Designing.
 Greeting Cards Production.
 Art Works.
 Party Decoration.
 Telephone Call Centre.
 Recharge Cards Sales.
 Internet Marketing.
 Repairs of Handsets.
 Production of Petroleum Jelly.
 Production of Air Freshener.
 Proof Reading & Editing.
 Graphic Art & Designing.
 Cold Starch Production.
 Removing of Radiator Dust & Rust.
 Car Soap Production.
 Production of Deodorant.
 Production of Disinfectant.
 Balloon Decoration.
 Computer Operator.
 Digital Photography.
 Event Planning & Management.
 Clothes Amendment/ Tailoring.
 Bead Making.
 Manicure & Pedicure Specialist.
 Ice Block Making.
 Baking of Cakes.
 Production and Sales of Pop-Corn.
 Production and Sales of Plantain Chips.
 Production and Sales of Potato Chips.
 Domain Name Registration.
 Website Designing.
 E-Books Publishing
 Shoe Making/ Cobbler.
 Freelance Marketing.
 Advertising Agency.
 Insurance Agent.
 Make – up Artist/ Beautician.
 Music Training.
 Real Estate Agency.
 Printing Services.
 Home Teacher.
 Cooking Training.
 Juice Drink Production.
 Painting.
 Private Teaching.
 Snacks Production.
 Nanny / Housemaid.
 Comedy / Master of Ceremony.
 Vendor (Newspapers/Magazines).